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MBM Engineering College

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MBM Engineering College

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MBM Engineering College is one of the oldest engineering colleges in India. Established on 15th August 1951 by the government of Rajasthan, the college boasts of its high academic & technical standards.

MBM Engineering College

First of all, Considered as the pioneering Technical Institution of the State, it offers a gamut of courses both at PG and UG level.

The college is committed to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academic study.

and developing a far more ambitious, integrated and influential environment that will best serve the nation.

Our Admission Helpline Number: 9667532500


The faculty of MBM engineering college is highly qualified who have obtained their degrees from leading technical institutions in India and abroad.

So, The contribution of the faculty members from their respective departments has been significant to the country’s growth in science and technology,

being members of various international and national conferences and seminars of utmost importance.

Besides research work, the faculty members have over 20 years of experience in teaching graduate as well as postgraduate students.

The talented teachers have established competence and have authored a number of books in their fields of specialization.

Because, Late Prof. BC Punamia, Former Dean & Head of Civil Engineering Department is the author of more than 20 technical course books for engineering students.

MBM Engineering College


A graduate degree program at MBM Engineering College compounded by a comprehensively devised course structure, highly advanced laboratories and most importantly the experience of research faculty is a perfect platform for students to enhance their technical skills.

Our students of MBM Engineering College spent over 3 months in the industry as part of their Practical training.

So, This exposes them to real-life applications of their coursework and acquaints them with a professional working environment.

MBM Engineering College

Most relevant Outside of the classroom, active participation in self-developing clubs, staff organizations and management groups help students to groom their over-all personality.

MBM Engineering College

Remarkable Achievements

Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC),

Moreover, Jodhpur a production and research center for educational films for UG

C-CWCR has received national recognition for its contribution in the field of electronic media.

So, The Center is fully funded by the University Grants Commission and it is an organization with well-equipped studio and highly trained staff.

MBM Engineering College

In conclusion, The TANDEM Computer is available only in this university in North India which is unique in the entire country.

Because This is a parallel online architecture used by entire faculty. So The cost of the system is Rs.300.00 Lacs.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department has collaborated with IBM USA for training. National/international recognition of the faculty member of IE(I); ACM(USA); IEEE (USA).