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JoSAA Counselling 2023

Counselling of JoSAA and CSAB (Spot round) by Team of IITians and NITians.
Get JoSAA counselling & choice filling by Experts and get admission in NIT and IIIT at Low Rank.

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Get the best Engineering College according to your JEE (Main) Rank, through JoSAA 2022 Counselling process.

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When you should hand over your JoSAA 2023 Counselling to GLN Admission Advice Pvt Ltd ?

    1. If you have no idea or confused about JoSAA 2022 Counselling process.
    2. If you have no idea which College is suitable at your JEE (Main) / JEE (Advanced) Rank.
    3. If you are looking for expert guidance in selection of NITs / IITs / GFTIs or Engineering Colleges

How JoSAA Expert Counselling Works ?

    1. 1. You need to submit the Expert Counselling Registration Form and pay Registration Fee.
    3. 2. Either you can select maximum of 5 Colleges or you can leave this option if you don’t have any idea.JoSAA Expert Counsellor will get back to you to know your preferences like Department (Branch), Location of College etc.
    5. 3. During JoSAA 2022 Counselling, JoSAA Expert Counsellor will arrange Colleges choice in such a way that you will get the best College as per your JEE (Main) rank.

Counselling Fee: Rs. 15000/-

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A student doesn’t have any idea about filling the order of 600+ choices in 23 IITs, 31 NITS, 26 IIITs, and 33 GFTIs.

A student spend 2 or 3 years or even more in studying hard day and night just for a good college and by filling the counselling with the help of our guidance and experience those years of hard work will definitely seem worth it.

Benefits of Counselling through GLN Admission Advice Pvt. Ltd.

    1. Complete counselling and choice filling of all rounds of JoSAA .
    2. Best College and Branch Selection based on your rank.
    3. Complete assistance in document verification.
    4. Choice Filling by highly experienced experts of GLN Admission Advice Pvt.Ltd..
    5. We also take care of the interest of students and fill choices according to the preferences of branches of every student.
    6. We also help students to find the best branch for him or her by Taking a Branch selection personal counseling session.
    7. Our branch selection counseling session draws the final result by considering the interest of students, future planning of students (what he/she wants to do after B.Tech), Current and future scope, and job opportunities in every branch.

We are a team of IITians and NITians & We know the art of JoSAA Choice Filling

Dear applicant,

Filling in the right colleges in the right sequence, is one of the most important tasks for a candidate. You may have some doubts and queries regarding this choice filling process.In this section we try to address some of your queries in an interactive FAQ session.

FAQ on JoSAA Counseling

Choice filling is an important part of joint seat allocation process to get admission into IITs, NITs, IIITs and other GFTIs. It will allow you to fill in the choices of institutes and branches in decreasing order of your preference.

Candidates are always advised to fill in as many choices as they like from the list of available courses in different IITs in the order of their preference. Doing this ensures that candidates have a better chance to secure a seat compared to tilling lesser number of choices.

You must order your choices of academic programs in the DECREASING order of preferences. That is, your most preferred one should be on the top.

Candidates can change or reorder their choices, delete earlier filled choices and add new choices any number of times until they lock their choices. Once locked, it is not possible to make any changes to the tilled choices.

Lock is an option indicating the finalization of the choices after which the candidates can print their choices in final format.

No, once the choices are locked, they cannot be unlocked. Lock option will be enabled only after the announcement of mock round of allocation

Candidates are allowed to reshuffle/reorder their choices ONLY during choice filling period before they “lock” their choices (until the conclusion of the time-window). Beyond that, their choices will be locked and there is NO option of reordering.)

If a candidate does not lock his/her choices. The last saved choices / preferences will be locked automatically at the conclusion of the time – window for filling – in of choices

There are two dimensions to this question. If you have only JEE Main rank, then you can fill in any number of choices related to all branches of NITs, IIITs and other GFTIs however. If you have ranks in both JEE Main and JEE Advanced then you can fill in any number of choices related to all branches of IIITs, NITs, IITs and Other GFTIs.


Mock seat allocation is a trial run to get a rough idea as to what branch and institute you are likely to get based 01n your current preferences.

The mock allocation exercise is not an actual allotment list. At best it gives you an idea as to what branch and institute you are likely to get. But it is only indicative. The main reason is that there may be candidates who are still thinking about filling the choices, some have not even started and some will change their preferences later. So it remains dynamic.

No, they actually fluctuate. The opening and closing ranks let you know the possible options for the choice filling according to your rank.

Once the choices are locked. Which happens before the first round of seat allocation? You cannot refill the choices.

No, you will get only one seat, which is the best available among your choices based on your rank(s).

Why you must join
Admission Advice???

Admission Advice is the solution

What All Things You Need to Know About a College?

  • Government! Private /Deemed
  • Quality or Education

What All Things You Need to Know About a Branch?

  • Course Content
  • Current Scenario
  • Future Prospect
  • Placements
  • Work Profile


  • Always use your JEE (Main) Rank for Admission Through Counselling without any Donation.
  • Do Not Give a Single Rupee to any Counsellor or any Consultancy. as a Donation for Your Admission.
  • आपके JEE Rank के आधार पर ही आपका Admission बिना किसी Donation के काफी अच्छे College में हो सकता है
So Save your Money

किसी भी Counseller या Counselling को सीट बुकिंग के नाम पर पैसा न दे कियुँकि आपका JEE Main Rank ही आपकी सबसे बड़ी जमा पूंजी है उसका प्रयोग करें और अपने रैंक के अनुसार Best College का चयन करें |
सिर्फ जानकारी के आभाव में अच्छे कॉलेज में एडमिशन से न चुकें |

भ्रम और सत्य

अगर किसी बच्चे का JEE (Main) All India Rank (AIR) किसी कारणवश लाखों में आता है ,जैसे कि 2 Lakh,4
Lakh या 8 Lakh तो उनके माता-पिता सोचते हैं कि अब या तो बच्चे को 1 साल और तैयारी कराना पड़ेगा या उन्हें
as a Donation काफी पैसा देना पड़ेगा
ताकि उसका Admission किसी अच्छे कॉलेज में हो सके|

सत्य तो यह है कि आपको as a Donation किसी Counselor or Consultancy को पैसे देने की कोई जरूरत ही नहीं है, आपको आवश्यकता है सिर्फ थोड़े से Knowledge की ,जो आपको बताएं कि, How to get best colleges,even at low rank without donation.

Free Information के लिए 9278 11 00 22 पर कॉल कर संपर्क करें

Great Confusion But Simple Solution

Q.इतने Low Rank (Upto 8 Lakh in JEE Main होने के बाद भी मुझे College बिना किसी प्रकार के Donation के मिल रहा है तो वह कॉलेज कैसा होगा ?

Ans. जिस Quota के अंतर्गत आपका Admission हो रहा है, उसके बारे में आपको जानकारी नहीं है जिस कारण से आप वहां Admission के लिए Apply नहीं करते हैं| जिसका परिणाम यह होता है कि उन States के Top Engineering Colleges के सीट Vacant रह जाती है, अब जो बाहरी राज्यों के Students उन Vacant Seats के लिए Apply करते हैं, तो उन सभी राज्यों के टॉप इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज में दाखिला बिना किसी Donation के वहां Counseling में Participate करके हो जाता है फिर चाहे उनका JEE Main में 50,000 AIR रहे या 5 लाख.

Beware of Below Mentioned Counselors

1.ढेर सारे Colleges के Booklet और Brochure दिखाने वाले Counselor

अगर आप किसी ऐसे Counselor या Consultancy में अपने एडमिशन के संबंध में जानकारी लेने जाते हैं, जहां आपको बहुत सारे कॉलेज के Booklet और Brochure आपको यह कह कर दिखाए जाते हैं कि it is the best college for you, इससे बढ़िया और अच्छा कोई भी कॉलेज आपके लिए नहीं होगा, वगैरह – वगैरह,तो ऐसे कौन Counselor से सावधान ! दरअसल वास्तविकता यह है कि, सारे घटिया और फालतू Colleges के Representative इन Counselor या Consultancy में Visit करते हैं और उन्हें अपने कॉलेज के आकर्षक और बढ़िया दिखने वाले Booklet और Brochure देते हैं ताकि उन्हें दिखाकर Students और Parents को लुभाया जा सके और किसी भी तरह से उनके घटिया और फालतू Colleges के Seat को भरा जा सके

2.कॉलेज से अपना Tie-Up बताने वाले Counselor से सावधान !
आप प्रायः बहुत Counselor को अपनी शेखी बघारते हुए यह कहते हुए पाएंगे कि हम आपका एडमिशन, उन कॉलेज में करा सकते हैं ,जिस कॉलेज से हमारा Tie-Up है ,जैसे मानो कि वह TATA,Birla या Ambani हो जिससे सभी लोग Tie-Up करने के लिए व्याकुल हो जबकि सच्चाई तो यह है कि सारे घटिया और फालतू College में जिन की सीट नहीं भर रही है वहां आपका एडमिशन Tie-Up के नाम से कराया जाता है

3.Multi-Talanted Type वाले Counselor से सावधान !

कई बार आपका सामना ऐसे Counselor या Consultancy से होता है जो कि हर एक फील्ड में एडमिशन कराते हैं जैसे इंजीनियरिंग, मेडिकल ,एमबीए, बीबीए, पीजीडीएम, B.Ed, होटल मैनेजमेंट इत्यादि , पर हकीकत तो यह है कि अगर सिर्फ इंजीनियरिंग की बात करें तो यह Field ही अपने आप में इतना Deep,Vast और Knowledge About Many Points रखता है कि सिर्फ इसके बारे में किसी को Complete Knowledge हो जाए तो वह काफी है लेकिन हमारे Multi-Talanted Type वाले Counselor अपने आप को हर एक फील्ड का तीस मार खां बताते हैं जबकि उनको ढंग से Knowledge किसी एक Field का भी नहीं होता है जिसका खामियाजा आपको उनके द्वारा फालतू और घटिया कॉलेज में एडमिशन ले कर चुकाना पड़ता है

Think About it For 1 Minute

Why any well known for reputed colleges representative will visit any consultancy to fulfill their
seats, while their seats are already going to be field
due to their superb placement record by their students?


Why any good college will Tie-Up to any consultancy, while they are already well established in their sector?

दरअसल सारे घटिया और फालतू टाइप कॉलेज के आकर्षक और बढ़िया से दिखने वाले Booklet और Brochure दिखाकर और उनमें अपना Tie-Up होने का दावा करके और उन कॉलेज में आपका एडमिशन कराने में इन सारे Counselor का सिर्फ अपना स्वार्थ छिपा होता है जैसे कि

They will charge you

There is service charge as -(20 to 25)Thousand per student 
Low-Grade College offers them
Incentive on your admission:   (25 TO 30 ) Thousand per student
Total profit-  +(45 to 55 ) Thousand per student 
They are only concerned about gaining a +(45 to 55 ) Thousand profit on each and every student, by hook or by crook, they are not concerned about you and your future at all.

Benefits of Joining US

We will guide you to get the best college on the basis of your JEE main rank without any donation. Now, you are to become a part will-qualify a team of IITian,NITians,BITians and other very good reputed engineering colleges students who will guide you suggestion.Help you, throughout your whole competition of your degree courses.

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