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Agnel Polytechnic Gautam Nagar

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Agnel Polytechnic Gautam Nagar

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The founder of Agnel ashram, Fr. C. Rodrigues was a great visionary. His vision was to foster love and understanding among the various communities in India and to contribute to the development of self-reliance among the youth through education.

Under the compassionate and caring guidance of the Agnel fathers, this noble venture has spread to other parts of the country by establishing schools, ITIs, polytechnics, engineering colleges, and a Management college.

Today, the Agnel presence is conspicuously felt in Delhi, Noida, Poona, Goa, and Ambernath apart from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Agnel Polytechnic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, was started in 1983 with only one program – Diploma in civil engineering. It has grown since then, and today we have four branches of study in the Polytechnic – Diploma in Civil Engineering, Dip.

In Mechanical Engineering, Dip. in Automobile engineering and Dip. in Electronics and Telecommunication. What makes Agnel Polytechnic a unique institution in Mumbai is its discipline and culture and the dedication of the faculty in imparting knowledge and expertise to the students in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Agnel Polytechnic Gautam Nagar

Agnel Polytechnic here has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai motors to create a jointly supervised automobile learning center for its students.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the institutes Director Rev.Fr.Almeida said that this is a good step towards strengthing the knowledge and innovation between industries and institutes.

It will generate skilled manpower required for the core industries, remarked Fr.Almeida.

Hyundai Motors Manager Jamal Uddin said, our strategy of collaborating with Agnel Polytechnic is to groom talents and placement assistance for diploma engineering students.

Agnel Polytechnic Principal Saly Antony said This initiative of our institute is in line with the Indian government vision of skill development through Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

Mechanical Department H.O.D Dr.R.S.Nehete informed. Through this center, Agnel Polytechnic will set up advanced laboratories for learning automobile subject in details.

This training center will be equipped with a state of the art infrastructure and will use the latest training methods bringing professional to keep pace with the latest technology in the global market place.

This center will provide modern technology training with theory and practical knowledge to our students.

VISION: To evolve and flourish as a progressive center for modern technical education,

Stirring in every student creativity leading to entrepreneurship through holistic development,

Nurtured by the strength and legitimate pride of Indian values and the spirit of true service. 

MISSION: To provide industry oriented quality education and training.

To provide a holistic environment for overall personal development. 

To bring to full blossoming the potential in every student.

Agnel Polytechnic Gautam Nagar

A vision to foster love and understanding among the various communities in India, and also to contribute to the development and self-reliance through technical education into reality when on the 9th of June 1957.

Under the inspiration and guidance of the founder FR. C. RODRIGUES and a dedicated few, a movement started with an orphanage and a trade school in carpentry.

Today this movement has grown under the guidance of Agnel Ashram Fathers, it caters to full-fledged schools(providing literacy and education), Industrial Training Institutes, Polytechnic, Engineering college at the graduate and postgraduate levels and School of Management.

This movement believes in the truth that the school is but an extension of the home and today this large Agnel Ashram family comprises of over 30,000 students.

The virtual number of people who are blessed and positively affected by the Agnel Ashram Fathers around ten lakhs because, we automatically get connected and become real extensions to the sibling, parents, and peer group members of the students studying here.

The Agnel Ashram Family Movement originated in Mumbai and from a very humble beginning, it has spread its wings and established Technical Complexes at Bandra-Mumbai, Verna-Goa, New-Delhi, Noida, Ambernath, Vashi and in Pune.

4 Courses are offered by Agnel Polytechnic.
Course Name                                                    Duration                        Intake                     Fees(Annual)
Diploma in Civil Engineering                         3 Years                            120                               –
Diploma in Fabrication Technology              3 Years                             60                                –
Diploma in Industrial Electronics                    3 Years                             60                                 –
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering             3 Years                            120                                –
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