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MBA Admission Consultants in Delhi 2021

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MBA Admission Consultants in Delhi

What is an admission consultant?

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Admission consulting has rapidly become an important part of the admission process. For seeking any type of academic consultancy for getting admission in top colleges one must seek a good Admission Consultant.

The Admission consultant’s job is to identify the student’s strengths provide them various information that one may not be able to acquire all by themselves.The mba admission consultants weigh in all the aspects of the candidate like personal and academic strengths, interests and guide the student through the admission process, helping them choose the most suitable college for them.

MBA Admission Consultants in Delhi

Admission consultancy over a few years has become one of the most opted resources for the students. It is one of the best solutions present for the students, which helps them in making important decisions for their career like choosing the best available college and course as per their abilities, interest, and strengths.

The admission process is tiring and confusing. During this time the students may feel lost and anxious, to help the students to ease through the admission process they often seek Admission Consultancy.

The admission consultant’s main job is to provide the utmost professional guidance and help the students who seek admission for their higher education.

What is an MBA Admission consultant?

Business schools have a high acceptance rate and the students who are fighting to secure a seat for themselves in a reputed business school across India are even higher. There are national and international candidates applying to get into the top Business schools across India but they all need to have proper professional guidance and counseling to understand which school is best for them and increase their chances of acceptance.

For this, the MBA Admission Consultant is the best resource for the candidates seeking admission in MBA Programs in business schools.

MBA Admission Consultants are professionals and experts who provide professional guidance services to support the candidates seeking admission for MBA courses in top Business Schools.

MBA Admission Consultants provide professional counseling services to the aspiring MBA candidates helping them getting admission to their desired business school across India.

MBA Admission Consultants answer questions and clarify the queries of the candidates who are applying for the MBA course before they dismiss or lose hope in the admission process.

MBA Admission Consultant’s sole purpose is to help the aspiring candidates, guiding them through the process of admission, choosing the adequate college and program. MBA Admission Consultant’s main focus is to increase the chances of acceptance of the aspiring candidates.

MBA Admission Consultants in Delhi

MBA Admission Consultants helps the candidates with the process and make them stand out in the eyes of the business schools in comparison to other applicants.

MBA Admission Consultants are usually business school alumni, former members of the admissions office at a business school and experts who are from the background of business, marketing or branding.

The former members of the admission office and business school alumni both have a detailed understanding of how it is like to be at a particular business and they also know what business school looks for in their applicants.

The professionals and experts in the field have experience and first-hand knowledge of the business world. Their experience and learning can help the candidates as they can have a better understanding of what career option they can opt for and make their choices about the business schools and courses accordingly.

MBA Admission Consultants in Delhi

The MBA Admission Consultant evaluates the complete profile of the candidate. Based on this evaluation, the candidates are then suggested which business schools are suitable for them.

MBA Admission Consultants have tools and tactics that help to prepare the candidates seeking admissions in Business schools across India.

These tools and tactics include the guidelines on how to apply, how to prepare for GMAT and GRE, write essays, editing the essays and they also conduct mock interview rounds which helps in the preparation for the actual admission interview round. This will help the candidates to prepare for the highly competitive admission process.Most business schools in India require their candidates to qualify for the CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT.

MBA Admission consultants will help the candidates in the preparation of CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT qualifying examinations.

The candidates are given mock tests that give them an idea of what is the format of the examination and helps them practice and prepare according to the score they score in the mock tests. These mock tests will help the MBA Admission Consultants and the candidates to know what are the areas of their strengths and what areas need improvements. This close analysis helps the MBA Admission Consultants to sketch a customized and detailed plan for the candidates to help them further with the preparation of the qualifying tests. The MBA Admission Consultants professionally guide the candidates to score high in these exams, aiming to get through the qualifying cutoff with excellent performance.

MBA Admission Consultants in Delhi

MBA Admission Consultants will help the candidate through the following steps and stages of the admission process.

The candidates will have to fill up a profile evaluation form.

  • There will be a brainstorming session put in place for the candidates to discuss and brainstorm about the essays.
  • The candidates will have to submit the finished essays for review.
  • Once the essay is reviewed and made the final tweaks suggested by the MBA Admission Consultant, essays will then be finalized.
  • Evaluating candidates’ resume
  • Editing the resume by recommending changes.
  • Submission of the resume to the MBA Admission Consultant for review.
  • Finalizing the resume as per the recommendations and critiques of the MBA Admission consultant.
  • Submitting the final application form.

The MBA Admission Consultants develop a plan, after the close evaluation of the candidate’s profile, which includes their profile, work experience, and education. As per the professional experience and knowledge of the MBA Admission Consultants further, sketch a plan that is in the best interest of the aspiring candidate and ensuring their chances of successfully getting into a Business School and MBA course best suited for them.

The job of an MBA Admission Consultants doses not end after the forms are submitted. The Consultants then further prepare the candidates with mock interview rounds and Group discussion rounds.



MBA Admission Consultants Delhi
MBA Admission Consultants Delhi

Services offered by Admission Advice for MBA Admission Process:

 The process to start with applying for various MBA courses in desired Business schools, we offer a set of services exclusively for the candidates applying with Admission Advice. The aspiring MBA Candidates will have to fill in one application form, Common Application Form (CAF), which will be free of cost or available at a reduced price especially for them. Through the Common Application Form, the candidates can apply to multiple MBA colleges and courses. This is not only time-efficient but also helps the candidates save money as they will not have to fill several application forms but just one Common Application Form (CAF).

Once the common application forms are processed, the panel of our Expert MBA Admission Consultants will then assess the forms and select the most suitable Business schools for the candidate.


Our panel of MBA Admission Consultants will offer the candidates with personalized counseling sessions for all the business schools they desire to partake in admissions in.

The MBA Admission Consultants at Admission Advice will be sending the candidates alerts for the dates ofGD and PI.

Several Business schools conduct their GD & PI in various cities, so the Admission Advice MBA Consultants will send out the alerts and notify the students of the nearby states and city by telling them which college is conduction the GD&PI, which city it will be conducted in and when it will be conducted. The notification will be sent out through EMAIL, CALL or SMS.

Our expert panel of MBA Admission Consultants will be guiding the candidates and preparing them for the GD & PI by providing them with tactful tips and tricks that will help them crack the GD and PI round.

The candidates will also get notifications for all the important dates during the admission process, like entrance examination date, result announcement date, counseling sessions and GD&PI.

Students who might face difficulty attending various locations for the GD & PI round can Schedule their Interviews, they can attend the rounds through Skype or Telephone.


The students seeking help and guidance with the scholarships offered by the Business schools will be able to access our assistance as we will help them with the suitable scholarship program benefiting their cause.

The candidates looking assistance while applying for loans will be given professional guidance, the MBA Admission Consultants will help them by connecting them to our loan managers.

The MBA Admission Consultants at Admission Advice will get the aspiring candidates to get in touch with current final year students of their desired business schools. This is to help them get a better understanding and insight into the school and the course.

Among other services, the students applying with Admission Advice will have access to the solved exam papers for CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT, from the previous years, these solved papers will help the candidates to analyze their performances and prepare accordingly.

To summarize the following are the services offered by Admission Advice MBA Admission Consultants:-


  • Common Application Form (at zero cost or reduced cost)
  • Personalized business school counseling sessions
  • Process application by making payment (if Any)
  • Admission Process Assistance
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Getting in touch with final year students
  • Preparation Material
  • GD&PI Prep and notification


Admission Advice is the only education consultancy that provides PAY AFTER PLACEMENT to the candidates applying with Admission Advice MBA Admission Consultants

The candidates will not have to pay any amount before the being placed in the industry.

The candidates will only be making payment once they have got a job.

The candidates will fill up an application form. Follow the selection process. Book their seats in the desired business school. The students will get ready to step into the industry while they will be in pursuing their respective programs in the Business School. The students won’t have to pay any amount for 2 years.

The candidates will pay for their 2 year course after they are placed.



MBA Admission Consultants Delhi NCR


Admission Advice is an expert educational consultancy. Admission Advice is a well-equipped team of MBA Admission Consultants, who aim to guide the aspiring MBA Candidates through the admission process and increase their chance to be accepted in the desired Business School.

We help the student to choose from the best business schools across India that are suitable for them.We aim to simplify the admission procedure for the students who are looking forward to stepping into the world of Business Schools. At Admission Advice, we aim to provide them the professional guidance, advice, counseling and preparing them for CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT, Interviews and Group Discussions.


Admission advice is not a mere counseling agency, we also guide the aspirants through the procedure of MBA Admissions and prepare them for the qualifying examinations like CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT. This helps the aspiring candidates to ease up on the hectic process and plan their steps.At times the students might not be aware of some great business schools and programs offered there, so our MBA Admission Consultants are there to inform them and help them make the best decision benefiting them.

Admission Advice also works on spreading awareness about the recognized Business school across the India that most students are unaware of. Our team of experts attend to the queries and also help the aspiring candidates by providing them with information. The experts at Admission Advice believe that why should an aspiring student miss out on the opportunities that can be of great help in his or her career, just because of the lack of information and counseling. Our team of experienced MBA Admission Consultants inform and provide Admission Consulting services to aspiring MBA Candidates and guide them through the admission process. We also help the candidates who haven’t found placement through their colleges, our network of professionals will help the candidates with jobs and placement.

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Also, we provide all the necessary information about different MBA colleges in India to help students find best institutions for their bright future.

However, we help students from different part of the country to choose one of the top colleges in our country.

Moreover, we are the best MBA Admission Consultants Delhi .

We assist students to get admission in reputed colleges and universities in India.

We know it’s difficult for students to travel all over the India to find suitable colleges.

So we help them to get admission to college or university of their choice from their native place itself.

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