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Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology

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Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology
Maharaja Surajmal was born in 1707 in the erstwhile kingdom of Bharatpur. After the death of Churamal in 1721, his nephew Badan Singh became the ruler of Bharatpur. Surajmal was the ablest son of Badan Singh.
Badan Singh and his young son Surajmal through unity and integrity brought strength to the kingdom. He united various factions of Hindus and Muslims and kept them together. He was a secular king.
He took care of the historical monuments built by the kings of other religions and employed people according to their abilities in higher posts, irrespective of their races.
He believed to settle the disputes by peaceful negotiation as far as possible. He was a great leader, a great fighter, a great diplomat and a great statesman of his time.
His authority was undisputed. He was a farsighted man, a good observant and vigilant listener. He was a man of versatile personality.

Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology

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Maharaja Surajmal Institute is a self-financing, quality conscious and trendsetting Institute with a focus on providing equal opportunities for the development of human potentials for every segment of society including the differentiated one.
The MSI is a venture of its own kind where academics and professionals have joined hands to aid and direct the agenda of education.
The Institute, situated in the heart of Janakpuri is spread over about 8 acres of land and has best of Infrastructure and academic facilities with highly qualified and experienced staff and state of the art computer labs.
The Institute has been established through the dedicated and selfless endeavors of educationists and social workers who are deeply concerned with the standards of education and are determined to upgrade the quality, content and direction of education.
Vision and Mission
Developing new paradigms in education in management, computer application, E-business, teacher education and national values leading to student empowerment with an inclination for creative and cohesive group functioning in a global scenario.
MSI is committed to providing the distinctive learning environment for the development of professional competencies and skills, for an understanding of self and others, to learn to solve personal and social problems and continually improving the overall performance of the “Quality Management System”.

Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology

The institute has developed an active Placement Cell which introduces the students to the corporate world environment.
The Placement Cell is putting all efforts into organizing several Placement activities throughout the academic year for the students.
The Placement Cell is managed by faculty members and students representatives, under the guidance of Hon’ble Director-MSI and Director-Placements.
The Placement Cell at MSI provides total support and guidance to the students in getting Summer Training and Final Placements in reputed organizations.
The Placement Cell also assists in bringing excellence in the overall personality by Counseling and Self-Development sessions.
The corporate sector experts are regularly invited to share their rich experiences by way of Guest Lectures, Orientation Programs, and Presentations, Seminars, felicitations, and Get-togethers.

Placement Summary

Sr. No. Company Name Course No. of Selections
Total 242
1 Deloitte BCA 19
2 SAP Labs BCA 01
3 British Telecom BCA 01
4 Concentrix BCA 10
5 Concentrix BBA & B.Com. (H) 126
6 British Telecom BBA & B.Com. (H) 26
7 Convergies BBA & B.Com. (H) 59

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