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First of all One of the most respected and dedicated business groups of the country, the House of Jaipuria has acquired a place and stature of its own in the industrial arena.

Furthermore Ever since its inception in 1942, it has become a benchmark for latest innovations in technology and efficient management along with its philanthropic activities. The group has diversified business interests into Textile, Power and Education.

Moreover Jaipuria’s journey in education began in 1945 with the establishment of the Jaipuria College in Kolkata.

Because It is this unique heritage spanning 7 decades and 4 generations that sets us apart from other educational institutes.The Jaipuria ethos is focused on creating and nurturing the next generation of thought leaders through intuitive education. This ongoing quest for ensuring academic excellence led us to set up the first Jaipuria Institute of Management in Lucknow in 1995.

This is achieved by conducting the continuous evaluation, providing excellent infrastructure and above all, the presence of dedicated and highly qualified faculty members, who strive in ensuring the all round development of the future business leaders.


Today Jaipuria is one of the largest groups in northern and central India to offer AICTE approved PGDM programmes at four world-class campuses in Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore.

Therefore It is but a testament of Jaipuria’s commitment to providing transformational education and the quality that it assures year after year,Because that the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has accredited Jaipuria Lucknow and Noida with the prestigious A-GRADE rating. Also, its institutes have been consistently ranked amongst the best B- Schools in the country.


True education is an act of awakening a latent mind and filling it with new insights into the world. It is the never-ending process of liberating a mind from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge, new perspectives and deeper understanding. Essentially, all good education forms a support system for hidden talents to emerge and for the student to go on and excel in life.

At Jaipuria Institute of Management, we understand the power of education. We aim to provide our students with a transformational experience; one that will liberate their minds, encourage them to think out of the box, to learn and imbibe the nuances of management practices, to innovate and to make informed choices.


Learning with the mind, leading with the heart

At Jaipuria, we do not merely educate, we empower. That’s exactly why our ethos is built around the student, the individual who yearns for knowledge.

So The curriculum and pedagogy at Jaipuria makes the student a partner, an active participant in the teaching-learning process.

Further, to comprehensively cover every aspect of business education- fundamental and emerging, national and international, theoretical to application-oriented coaching to meet the satisfaction of all stakeholders with due emphasis on human values.


To provide learner-centric quality education for stakeholder’s well-being.


To be a world-class educational institution of choice for all stakeholder’s which promotes human well-being through continuous learning.



To be amongst top business schools in India in terms of-

Consequently,StudentReach, Participation and Achievement

So,Engagement with Indian and Global Business and Societal Context

Moreover Knowledge Creation and Dissemination through Research Training and Consultancy

Recognition through Rankings and Accreditations

Further more Adoption of Contemporary Technology in Teaching Learning and other processes

Finally Employer of Choice Focused on Up-gradation of Skills of its Employees JAIPURIA MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE LUCKNOW