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Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula

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Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula.
Government Polytechnic Nanakpur situated in Nanakpur village of district Panchkula (Haryana).
In fact, it is commenced from July 2018 is in stride with the changing needs of society, as change is the most powerful force in the current world.
Further, with the total area of 10 acres, the institute has all the essential facilities for the students.
The location is only 30 km from the Panchkula Bus Stand.
Currently, the courses we offering are Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Several new courses are to be added soon.

Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula

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The Vision of Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula, Haryana:
Firstly, to become a leading provider of quality and affordable technical education.
Also, to become a producer of highly competent and productive human resource to meet industry requirements with societal and environmental concern.
The Mission Of Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula:

  1. Firstly, to impart technical knowledge and skills by using modern engineering tools with support facilities to face the fast changing demands of modern technology.
  2. Secondly, to inculcate ethical and professional values among students that will make them socially and environmentally responsible.
  3. Further, to maintain the quality of its learning facilities at par with that of the industry.
  4. Also, to strengthen linkages with the private and public sectors.

Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula

Departments in Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula:

  • Firstly, Computer.
  • Secondly, Mechanical.
  • Further, Civil.
  • Also, Electrical.
  • After that, Applied Science.

‘Engineering’ is the science of applying scientific concepts for improving quality of life.
However, it essentially deals with the application of technology and balances the realm of pure knowledge and its use.
That is why, here, ideas matter as much as knowledge.
Also, at Govt. Polytechnic Nanakpur, we take our students through both these realms.
Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula.
While on one hand, we ensure clarity of the basic concepts of science, on the other hand, we encourage students to look at practical needs from different angles and find innovative and creative solutions.
Further, this amalgamation of the creative and the reality is reflected in our pedagogy too.
Moreover, without compromising the extent and depth of learning, our faculty employs creative methods to make studying an exciting experience.
Seats Available in Govt Polytechnic Nanakpur Panchkula:

Civil Engineering 60 Seats
Electrical Engineering 60 Seats
Mechanical Engineering 60 Seats
Computer Engineering 60 Seats

Also, you can consult with Polytechnic Admission Advice for further information.