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Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal

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Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal.
In fact, the Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal has been set up from the academic session 2006-07.
That is with Diploma in Computer Engineering and sanctioned intake of 40 students, guest classes at GBN Government Polytechnic, Nilokheri.
Further, from academic session September 2009-10, Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal has started functioning in its own campus at Cheeka.
However, Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal campus is spread over an area of 15.5 acres on main road adjacent to 220KVA HVPN Sub-Station and opposite to New Grain Market Cheeka.

Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal

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In fact, the total plan area of the building is about 6155 sqm. The whole building is divided into Four Blocks, with a total covered area about 12250 sqm namely:

  1. Firstly, the Front Block is Administrative Block with 04 Floors. The total floor area of this block is 850*4=3440 Sqm.
  2. Secondly, the Left Hand Side block is Academic Block with 04 Floors. The total floor area of this block is 890*4=3560 Sqm.
  3. Further, the Right Hand Side block is Library Block with 03 Floors. The total floor area of this block is 890*3=2670 Sqm.
  4. Also, the rear Side block is Workshop Block with 03 Floors. The total floor area of this block is 860*3=2580 Sqm.

Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal

Our Vision
The vision of Polytechnic is to endeavor for total quality management. The institute strives to achieve this vision by :

  • Firstly, Developing a team of dedicated and competent staff in the appropriate learning environment.
  • Secondly, Inculcating the qualities of leadership, personality development and good citizenship in the students.
  • Also, Strengthening the industry-institution relationship through mutually beneficial and constructive interaction.
  • Further, Strengthening community services through Human Resource Development, Technical Services, and Support centers.

Our Mission
Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal, Haryana aims at : 

  • Firstly, Offering the best quality technical education to students.
  • Secondly, Producing skilled technical manpower meeting international standards and global requirements.
  • Further, Ensuring optimal utilization of available resources.
  • Also, Providing transparent and efficient administration.
  • After that, Conducting job-oriented courses in appropriate technologies for benefit of society.
  • Also, Interacting with industries, alumni and society by offering mutually beneficial services, creating unshakeable trust and maintaining high moral standards.

Govt Polytechnic Cheeka Kaithal

Seats Available:

Civil Engineering 60 Seats
Computer Engineering 60 Seats
Electrical Engineering 60 Seats
Mechanical Engineering 60 Seats
Electronics and Communication Engineering 60 Seats

Also, you consult with Polytechnic Admission Advice for further information.