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BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh

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BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh.
At BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh, we aspire to develop students who are knowledgeable, who have their own thought process and can follow their dreams.
In fact, BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh focuses on learning from the past while remaining open to future innovations.
Further, BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh believes that excellence in education is achieved when it is student-oriented and delivered with scientific and creative teaching approaches.
That is by skilled faculty, who love their subjects and their students.

BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh

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Our Vision:
Firstly, to be a world class Engineering Institution in leading technological and social-economic development of the country.
That is by enhancing the global competitiveness of technical manpower.
Also, by ensuring high-quality technical education through dissemination of knowledge, insights and intellectual contributions.
Our Mission at BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh:

To provide value-based technical education and mold the character of the younger generation.
Our Goal:
Firstly, develop the skills of original, critical and creative thinking and scientific inquiry in students.
Further, encourage entrepreneurship amongst them Provide high-quality library, instructional materials and programs, and counseling services.
Also, we prepare our graduates to exercise leadership for making contributions in their respective disciplines.
In addition, motivate and encourage higher secondary students to pursue an education in engineering and technology.

BKN Govt Polytechnic Narnaul Mahendergarh

In fact, BKN Govt. Polytechnic Narnaul, Haryana offers following seven courses of three-year duration.
Further, all courses have an intake of 60 except mechanical with intake of 120 students per year.
  1. Firstly, Civil Engineering.
  2. Secondly, Computer Engineering.
  3. Further, Electrical Engineering.
  4. Also, Electronics and Communication.
  5. After that, Instrumentation and Control Engineering.
  6. Further, Mechanical Engineering.
  7. Also, Medical Electronics.

Seats Available:

Firstly, in Civil Engineering 60 Seats
Secondly, in Electrical Engineering 60 Seats
Further, in Mechanical Engineering 120 Seats
Also, in Electronics and Communication Engineering 60 Seats
After that in Computer Engineering 60 Seats
Furthermore, in Instrumentation and Control Engineering 60 Seats
Medical Electronics 60 Seats

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