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Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies

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Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies
The motto of BPIBS Institute of Higher Education has been to impart quality education in the field of management.
Its faculty strives to equip young people from all over the country to make meaningful contributions to an economy that is increasingly becoming a significant entity in the global arena.
BPIBS Institute uses rigorous and intensive integrated teaching methods to prepare the students to take up business and managerial positions in any environment. Best Digital Marketing Institute In Indore.
The Undergraduate courses emphasize the combination of core business subjects and soft skill courses which lead to the total personality development of the students. Academic excellence, holistic education.
Global relevance and contemporaneous curriculum continue to be the cornerstones of BPIBS Institute s educational edifice. I am confident these four aspects will always define learning at BPIBS Institute.

Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies

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We aspire to impart quality education, with a specialized faculty and a strong infrastructure.
With these services, we dream to make contributions ourselves along with our students in an increasingly globalized world.
Through our rigorous and intensive teaching methods, we aim to equip our students with the essentials of the business world.
Understanding the importance of soft skills along with the basic business modules, our undergraduate& PG offers an interwoven program.
Through this program, the student gains grooming for the real world while understanding the foundation of business.
Through innovative techniques, we aim to provide our students with a foray of creativity and out of the box thinking.
We understand the competitive levels along with the need for adaptation to the fast-paced corporate world and strive to prepare our students accordingly.

Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies

Quality Policy

We at Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies are committed to providing the quality education in the field of Management, Computer Applications, Information Technology, Modern Office Management, and Skill Development through Vocational Programmes to attain total customer satisfaction.

We shall achieve this through–

  • Adoption of a constructive mechanism for building strong academic team and Industry-Institute Interface.
  • Periodic monitoring and assessment of our services and continual improvement of performance of our facilities, personnel, processes, and systems of our Institute.
  • Adhering to the applicable Statutory & Regulatory Requirements.

Courses & Programmes

Fee Structure

For  MCA/MBA/BBA Amount
                                               Tuition Fee (Per Annum) 20,500
                                            Academic Fee (Per Annum) 3,500
                                     University Other Dues (Per Annum) 10,000
                University’s Alumni Association Fund (One Time Non-Refundable Payment) 1,000
                    Security Deposit (One time payment at the time of admission – Refundable 5,000
Total Fee Payable 40,000



Libraries are a vast reservoir of knowledge of the source of constant value addition for the knowledge seekers and mental stimulation which help to update the knowledge for the faculty and students alike.
BPIBS library has a rich collection of books and journals predominantly related to computer science and management studies and their allied subjects to meet the present and future information needs of students and faculty members.
BPIBS Library, besides stocking prescribed textbooks and reference material, makes available a range of books on each subject as well as general material like biographies and literature.
It also subscribes to several national and international journals, periodicals and newspapers.
Also, you can consult with Polytechnic Admission Advice for further information.