NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (UG) – 2017 [NEET (UG)-2017] which is conducted on a national level, comes with an exacting rules and regulations. Candidates surfacing for the NEET 2017 must follow the new rules and regulation as prescribed by the examination authority, CBSE for NEET 2017 examination. In the current year 2017, CBSE has come up with a very specific

Tips and Tricks to crack IIT JEE Advanced

The JEE Advanced exam is scheduled on 21st May 2017 and lakhs of aspirants are burning their lamp late at night to get through this prestigious exam. JEE exam requires discipline, dedication and most importantly persistence. As it is said “practice makes man perfect”, it is fully applied for this preparation. This is a national level exam conducted every year for various

JEE Advance-How it is different from JEE Mains

JEE Main 2017 answer keys have been unveiled recently and students have a fair-minded idea about the marks they will obtain. Also, they would by now know if they would be entitled to sit in the JEE Advanced exam or not.


As per the authorized notification candidates who are in top 220000 of JEE Main are qualified to appear in JEE Advanced. So candidates who are confide

Top Colleges of Aerospace Engineering in India

One of the most challenging areas of engineering, Aerospace Engineering deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space and defense systems. Aerospace Engineering involves design and manufacturing of hi-tech systems, hence the engineer requires manual, technical and mechanical ability.

This discipline specializes in designing, construction, development, test

Top Colleges for Robotics in India

Automation and Robotics Engineering has become one of the top most career choices among the aspirants. As an independent branch of engineering, robotics deals with design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Basically, this field puts emphasis on the design of modern Robotic systems. Like many other engineering disciplines, Automation and Robotics Engineering has greatly influen

Top Colleges of Printing Technology in India

Printing is a process to produce a picture or text by applying different methods like inked type, blocks, plates, etc. The first movable type printing was developed by Bi Sheng in China.

Printing Technology is one of the fields in engineering which deals with printing press operations, design and creation. At present, printing technology is non-impact and mostly makes use of comput

Top Colleges of Petroleum Engineering in India

The branch of engineering which deals with the exploration, recovery, refining, development and processing of crude oils to obtain various petroleum products is known as Petroleum Engineering. Petroleum engineers explore new reservoirs worldwide and conduct research activities for inventing new technologies and methods to reduce mining expenditure and to increase productivity. Petroleum refers

Top Colleges for Nuclear Science Engineering in India

Nuclear engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with the design, construction and operation of nuclear reactors. It is a specialist engineering field focusing upon the fission and fusion of atomic nuclei. To be more specific, nuclear engineering is the application of science to the generation and control of nuclear energy. These processes include the release, control and utilization

Top Colleges for Mechatronics in India

B Tech Mechatronics course provides engineers with multi-disciplinary skills. The course is made after clubbing mechanical, electronics, computer and system design engineering streams. Mechatronics course strengthens the students with the skills that allow them to design, construct and run factory production lines and automated processes. Students studying this course are well equipped with the

Top Colleges for Leather Technology in India

Leather has become a modern accessory in day to day life. Everybody uses it in some form or the other due to which it is always in demand for comfort, sports and fashion. Leatherwear constitutes a variety of products starting from belts, jackets, purses, luggage and bags, musical instruments, garment tags, gift items, etc. A career in leather technology is a lucrative option in India.

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